Grooming Mentorship Lincoln

Our mentorship is our most unique service and we are extremely proud of our friendly, flexible  approach.

You wont just be training with highly skilled, experienced groomers! you will have us for life whenever you need us, weather it’s a message, a phone call an email or even facetime we have you covered. 

Whilst training not only will you be  1-1  with our tutors for over 20 dogs  you can have time in our busy salon or daycare centre to get that vital hands on experience for as long as you need. Our students really do become part of our grooming community so you wont walk that lonely road that so many get stuck on as we will support you always.

Our mentorship extends to anyone joining us weather you are training to groom your own dog or wanting to get into daycare or teeth cleaning we are always on the end of a phone. 

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